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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Ginetta Juniors Sunday 4th may Race


The race started cleanly and they all managed to get around the first few corners, Jack Mitchell in 2nd is fighting to get past, James Kellett is further back and racing hard to get further forward, by the time they get to Church there is a definite stretching of the leaders, and Billy Monger has a large crash into some tree's, the course Doctor is on hand and all seems to be okay.

The leaders are most definitely pulling away, Kellet is in a steady 5th position and a change of leader has occurred up front and further back 3rd to 6th position are fighting each other, James is now up into 4th, and Pearson is still leading, with Jack Mitchell in 3rd, Caroline 2nd, again on the third lap as they approach Church again, James is back down to 5th, but fighting to get his 4th position back.

The leaders go over the line to start the 4th lap, the three up front are pulling further away from 4th, and from 4th to 7th are having a race amongst themselves, 3rd position is dropping back a little as they head to the half way mark on lap 4, James has taken 4th again as they head round the chicane and onto complete lap 4, the top three places are now neck and neck, and James has a little gap from 5th position, Mitchell has taken 1st, the cars are three abreast, and Ben Pearson takes first as Mitchell drops back to 3rd on the chicane, lap 6 starts with James back down to 5th,

The front two are sliding and weaving, and fighting to get past each other, this is great racing, the first 6 cars are now all in contention, with James in 5th, now 6 cars are together, as they head into the chicane to finish lap 6.

Lap seven starts with a small gap being pulled By Caroline on 2nd place, and James has yet again taken 4th, but 5th and 6th are right up the exhaust of James, , there is now a significant gap between 3rd and James in 4th, as they head to the fastest corner, Church, and onto the Chicane once again to complete the 7th lap, James has now a large gap between him and 5th place, James has the fastest lap, and is gaining on the 3rd place car, , but the gap is too big to do anything now, 2nd place has a large wobble into Church again ,and they all head at full pelt into the final corners, and Caroline goes sideways.

The last lap, has James right on the tail of 3rd place, and they are really racing hard, this is a great race, Zelos, takes 4th from Kellett, and and 4th-6th are slightly back on 3rd, Jamie Caroline comes to the final chicane, and Mitchell tries to take him and goes off, as Jamie Caroline takes the flag, Pearson from Zelos and James in a commendable 4th.

1st - Jamie Caroline
2nd - Ben Pearson
3rd - Dan Zelos
4th - James Kellett + Fastest lap.

In the main standings, James is now at 7th, with Jack Mitchell 1st Ryan Hadfield 2nd and  Ben Pearson 3rd.

The second race of the weekend was pure class, great driving, excellent overtaking and professional behaviour, maybe the BTCC drivers should be watching these youngsters to see how to behave on track.