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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

TMW - One of the rare cars that brings a smile to your face, and enjoy driving, that will be the Suzuki Baleno SZ5.

It is not very often that a car brings a smile to my face, and that I just get up and go out in it for a run, for the fun of it, I can count the number of cars that, this has happened too on one hand, and it is one of these cars that I have been testing this week, the Suzuki Baleno, an old name plate on a new car, one of a range of new cars that is using old name plates, Ignis is another that’s returning early next year, and I look forward to testing that shortly after its launch.

But the Baleno is a far better car than its predecessor, in all ways, it looks better, performs better, more economical, and is a great car to fly about in, the Boosterjet engine runs a 1.0 litre, 3-Cylinder, turbocharged engine, and it is so quick, that you would think that this car is a running a bigger engine, a 1.6 litre for instance, but the 1.0 litre not only has the get up and go of a bigger car, it has great fuel consumption, the manufacturers claimed is :-

  • ·         Urban 52.3mpg
  • ·         Extra Urban 70.6mpg
  • ·         Combined 62.7mpg
Although I never managed to get near to the Extra urban, or the combined, come to that, I was not far adrift of the Urban figure, this was mainly down to the fact that this car seems to like being driven with verve and in return you get a great peppy engine that has a tone to it, that sounds very sporty, and that makes you drive a little harder than you would normally drive.

The car has the speed, and it has the brakes to stop it too, with Radar Brake Support to warn you of impending doom, you never get yourself into any trouble, the variable cruise control is also a great addition to the range, and with Sat Nav, Bluetooth and Air Conditioning fitted to all models as standard, the kit list is left not wanting, the Radar brake Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control are standard on the SZ5 level.

CO2 levels of 105 on our test car and 94 for the lowest model give the car a £20 a year taxation after the first year, 124mph top speed seems a little high, but at a push and a back wind, the car will get there, but at speed you will notice a lot more noise, from both the engine and road/wind. To give you a car in the price range, £13,999, there has to be some corner cutting, and insulation is one that has been limited, personally, I would rather have a couple of options removed to the cost list, and put the money towards more insulation to give you a more quite experience behind the wheel.

But don’t think this is a bad thing, to a degree, the engine noise is part of the fun for this low cost car, and it did bring a smile to my face every time I drove the car, also when you see what you are getting for your money, it makes you wonder how they have managed to do it, the SZ5 model, has, as standard:-

  • ·         Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
  • ·         Immobiliser
  • ·         Deadlocks
  • ·         Adaptive Cruise Control
  • ·         Radar brake Support with Brake Assist Function
  • ·         Keyless Entry with Engine Start Button
  • ·         Electric Front and Rear Windows
  • ·         Drivers Foot Rest
  • ·         4.2 Inch Colour LCD Display
  • ·         Leather Steering Wheel with audio and Cruise Buttons
  • ·         Tachometer
  • ·         Digital Clock
  • ·         Automatic Air Conditioning
  • ·         Pollen Filter
  • ·         Guide Me Home Lights
  • ·         Front Fog Lights
  • ·         Privacy Glass
  • ·         Navigation System
  • ·         DAB Digital Radio
  • ·         16” Alloy Wheels
  • ·         Chrome Accents
  • ·         Roof Spoiler
  • ·         Six Airbags
And there are many more on top of this lot, so how have they done it, no idea, but you are getting a great car for little money, and these days, that’s all that matters, getting more car for your pound.

Suzuki are planning on selling 3,500 Baleno’s this year and on first impressions, this should be an easy task, the car is a really good looking model, has some style, stands out from other less pretty cars in the same class, and has the added benefit of being a car that can perform too, on the road the Baleno grips to the road very well, you don’t get any under or over steer in normal driving, but a small amount of torque steer is evident when you pull away with a lot more effort.

Corners are not a problem either, you just point the car where you want it to go and it does it with no fuss or issues, and like I have mentioned above the brakes are very good too, when you need them in an emergency.

Inside the car is a real surprise, I expect to see Peter Capaldi in there, it seems to have more room on the inside than you imagine possible from the looks outside, getting comfortable is easy too, with multiple positions for the seat and steering wheel, all tastes should be covered, the passenger also has loads of space, with a large open central area, where others usually put large cumbersome central boxes built around the gear change, the openness here, makes it more airy and roomy.

With the Seats in the correct position, there is a lot of space in the back for the rear passengers, with the driver’s seat in my position, there is acres of space in the rear, and loads of leg room which you will find a lot of cars in the class wanting, you can fit three adults in the back, but I probably would not want to do a too long a journey like this, but for a family car, this will be about the best you can get.

Boot space is also quite large, yes there is a lip that you will have to lift your luggage/shopping up and over, but the space makes up for this, you can easily lose a full weekly shopping in there with space left over, large luggage would be a little tight, but smaller cases/weekend bags will be swallowed up with ease.

The flowing lines of the car can be followed from the front lights right to the back, the entire car gels very well, nothing seems like a stuck on extra, like you can see on other cars, it is a pretty car, that offers lots of space, can keep up with the motorway traffic with ease, as well as coping around town equally with ease, so, if you are cost conscious, like a car to have a look that’s not, out there, but different, cheap to run, cheap to buy and with an ease of driving, you can do no better than this, the Baleno, really is “that” car to put your money into.


The Baleno was launched In India in October 2015, and has so far sold in excess of 40,000 units by April 2016, the model will eventually be sold in more than 100 countries, With Japan and Europe that latest countries to accept the car, it fits within Suzuki’s range between the Swift and the S-Cross, it offers more room than the Swift, but not the practicality of a crossover.

The brand is growing year after year with the two Indian plants alone producing 1.3 million cars in 2015, with the Baleno boosting that further, the range currently uses six colours, Two engine sizes both of which run manual and Automatics, the range starts at £12,999 and tops out at £15,349 for the 1.2 litre Auto model.

Unfortunately the only models that have the now standard option on most other brands, Hill Hold Control are the Automatic versions, this I feel should be available on all models, regardless of gearbox type, and the Auto version employs the paddle gear shifter to give a more sporty style of driving.

The 4.2 Inch high definition colour LCD Screen produces a full range of info for the driver, as well as Sat Nav, Radio and the usual array of available info, you can get from the display between the dials, Torque and power read outs, fuel consumption, Average speed, acceleration and braking forces, and a G-Force tracking system which you would normally find on cars that cost upwards of ten times the price.

The Baleno needs to be serviced every 9,000 miles for the 1.0 litre or 12,500 miles for the 1.2 Litre, at 9,000 it seems very low, but at least the car will be at its optimum performance for longer, and when you are giving it beans, like the car wants you to treat it, then you need to keep it in perfect condition.

As mentioned above the car can top out at 124mph with a 0-62 in 11.4 seconds, all its engines are Euro 6 compliant and our models insurance rating was 11E, so quite low, but not the lowest, but then the lowest is not necessarily the best, and that’s the case here, the Baleno has everything it needs to succeed, and that’s the point, give the car everything it needs and at a price point that beats the competition, and it should sell itself.

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Jon Mower.

The All-New Renault Scenic is the 20th Renault to gain the coveted five star Euro NCAP rating.

  • The All-New Renault Scénic has received a five-star safety rating from the independent organisation, Euro NCAP
  • As the 20th Renault vehicle to receive a five-star Euro NCAP rating, All-New Scénic demonstrates over 15 years of Renault’s commitment to safety  
  • The All-New Renault Scénic sets itself apart from the crowd through a number of state-of-the-art technologies, including active emergency braking with pedestrian detection as standard; a first for vehicles in its segment.
The result highlights Renault's commitment to safety, particularly with the All-New Scénic, which arrives in the UK later this year. The All-New Scénic stands out with a 90 per cent score for adult occupant protection, 82 per cent for children and 67 per cent for pedestrians.
Top-level passive safety
The All-New Renault Scénic is amongst the best in its class when it comes to passive safety features.
The All-New Scénic uses a structure consisting of reinforced steel skirts, side members, windscreen pillars and posts, allowing it to protect the lives of occupants inside the safety cell.  

Parts of the structure are "ultra-high elastic", with each square millimetre able to resist up to 120kg of pressure. In addition, crumple zone steel located outside the passenger compartment allows for an impact to be absorbed, thus also protecting the lives of occupants inside the safety cell.
The All-New Scénic is equipped with two curtain airbags for the first and second rows and two lateral airbags in the front. It also has two new-generation front airbags that make use of adaptive technology. Based on sensor information, airbag inflation level is adapted for both driver and passenger.
With All-New Scénic's embedded technologies, driving is safe and serene.
The All-New Scénic makes use of premium segment features and several types of innovative equipment. It is the only vehicle in the C-MPV segment to offer an Active Emergency Braking System (AEBS) with pedestrian detection as standard. To put drivers at ease and warn them in the event of risk, All-New Scénic offers:          
  • Hands-free parking     
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)           
  • Lane Keeping Assist (LKA)     
  • Adaptive Cruise Control           (ACC)
  • Fatigue detection warning with trajectory analysis         
  • Active Emergency Braking System (AEBS) with pedestrian detection
Other five-star rated Euro NCAP Renault models
  1. 2016 All-New Renault Scénic     
  2. 2015 All-New Mégane 
  3. 2015 Talisman 
  4. 2015 Kadjar, 
  5. 2015 Espace
  6. 2013 Captur, 
  7. 2013 ZOE        
  8. 2012 Clio         
  9. 2009 Mégane Grand Scénic      
  10. 2008 Mégane
  11. 2008 Koléos   
  12. 2007 Laguna   
  13. 2005 Clio         
  14. 2004 Modus 
  15. 2004 Mégane Coupe Cabriolet  
  16. 2003 Scénic, 
  17. 2003 Espace    
  18. 2002 Vel Satis, 
  19. 2002 Mégane
  20. 2001 Laguna 

Classic Motor Cars Ltd, the company responsible for the Mark 2 By Callum, has handed over control to it's staff.

A highly successful and globally renowned classic car restoration company in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, which last year turned over £5.2 million, has been given to the staff by its owner. Classic Motor Cars Ltd employs more than sixty staff and has restored some of the world’s most important cars including many famous Jaguars.
The company has become an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT), which means that the staff will own and run the business themselves.

Peter Neumark, who has owned and chaired the company since its inception in 1993, said: "I am nearer seventy than sixty and Nick Goldthorp, who founded this great business with me and has been largely responsible for where we are today, is now approaching retirement age, so we felt we had a duty to oversee a passing of responsibility, and who better than the workforce themselves."
So on Friday 26th of August 2016, a majority shareholding owned by the chairman was transferred into a new entity The Classic Motor Cars Ltd Employee Shareholder Trust, thereby passing control to a trust set up for the benefit of the employees of CMC.
Peter Neumark added: “This sort of structure best exemplified by the John Lewis Partnership was deemed to be the best home for the company to ensure its future, safeguarding the jobs of its highly skilled workforce and providing stability for future growth and prosperity.
"Virtually every example of an EOT business we looked at showed greater profitability, greater productivity, better staff retention and ultimately of course happier customers. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved and I look forward to watching the company continue to set the standards for world-class car restoration."
Tim Leese, Managing Director of the new operational board, said: “These are very exciting times and the whole team is very grateful for Peter’s generosity and everyone looks forward to making a greater contribution to the company’s future success.”
The day to day management of the business will be controlled by an operational board, chaired by David Barzilay and comprising of Managing Director Tim Leese, Production Director Tim Griffin, non-execs Nick Goldthorp and Richard Charlesworth (latterly of Bentley).
They in turn will report to a board of trustees who are responsible for the good governance of the company and ensuring it is run in the best interests of its beneficiaries, the employees.
The board of trustees is comprised of outside professionals, chaired by Peter Neumark with an employee trustee, Luke Martin, voted on by his fellow workers, and former non-exec operational board member Richard Coe.
Currently the company is working on more than 22 classic car restorations including many famous marques such as, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Lancia, amongst others.

Time to vote - What is the best TV Fast Ford ever, get voting now to make sure your's is the winner.

  • FordFest aims to name the nation’s favourite Ford from the silver screen
  • Survey online at 
  • https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/3NPWQK2
  • FordFest takes place at Santa Pod, Beds, on Sunday, September 18.
Whether it’s the tyre-screeching Consul 3000GT from The Sweeney, Steve McQueen’s smoking Bullitt, Gene Hunt’s famous bronze Cortina from Life on Mars or the somewhat more genteel flying Anglia from Harry Potter, Fords have long been stars of film and TV.
But which is the nation’s favourite? The organisers of FordFest, which rounds off the show season for fans of the Blue Oval at Santa Pod on September 18, are determined to find out, and have shortlisted their own favourites, including others such as Starksy and Hutch’s Gran Torino, Thelma and Louise’s Thunderbird and Glynis Barber’s Escort Cabriolet from Dempsey and Makepeace.

Fans of Fords and fans of films can vote for their favourite here: 
The results of the survey will be revealed ahead of FordFest, which will give fans a chance to see classics like the ones in their favourite shows, with a mixture of old and new Fords set to draw in the crowds.
Based at the world famous drag strip in Podington, Beds, the first year saw incredible attendance, with over 1,700 club cars on display, and 2016 looks set to be even bigger and even better.
From Anglias to Zodiacs, via Mondeos and Mustangs, Fords of all eras will be in display as both club and individual entries, while the drag strip itself will be active, with a Ford-themed ‘Run what Ya Brung’ event taking place for show visitors – tickets to take part are just £10 for camping visitors, or £20 for four runs on the day, while individual display tickets cost £17.
As well as the ‘Run What Ya Brung’, the drag strip will also play host to Fireforce 3, Santa Pod’s very own Jet Car, capable of a sub-six second quarter mile and speeds in excess of 300mph.
A substantial retail village, full of new and used parts, clothing and souvenirs is also a major highlight, as is the party atmosphere of the event itself, with camping available from midday on Saturday September 17, plus a bar and live entertainment.
Other highlights include the massively entertaining Drift Trikes (at just £10 a go), a Show and Shine sponsored by AutoPerfekt, entrance photography by Photography UK and stands from the leading Ford titles, Fast Fordand Classic Ford.
FordFest is part of a family of Ford events celebrating Europe’s love for the famous blue oval brand, including the International Ford Show, Classic Ford Show, The Ford Summer Festival and Ford Fair.

Skoda drip feeds pictures of the new Kodiaq, with the latest batch showcasing the interior of the All-New Car.

  • More car: Third row of seats and boot capacity set standards
  • New interior design: instrument panel with two symmetrical zones, upright air vents, touch display in sophisticated glass design
  • Intuitive operation: cockpit features logical and user-friendly layout
  • ŠKODA presents new SUV model in Berlin on 1 September 2016
This is how ŠKODA’s new large SUV looks inside: Shortly before its world premiere, the Czech automobile manufacturer gives a first glimpse inside the new large SUV. The photos emphasize that ŠKODA has implemented its modern, clear, expressive design language in the cockpit. 
At the same time, the images highlight the brand’s uncompromising standards in terms of functionality and build quality. ŠKODA is once again setting new standards in interior space: The ŠKODA KODIAQ features the largest boot in its class and is available as a seven-seater.

The interior of the ŠKODA KODIAQ is powerful and robust, yet welcomes passengers with a friendly character. As with all ŠKODA models, the KODIAQ is modern and elegant whilst meeting the functional requirements of an SUV. Every detail conveys clarity and calm; form and function are harmonized.
The expressively and elegantly designed dashboard is uncluttered. It is divided into two
symmetrical zones for driver and passenger. Distinctive vertical elements, such as the four large air inlets characterise the interior. The middle ones flank the on-board monitor. Their edges run along the top of the instrument panel and form a trapezoid, which reflects the ŠKODA KODIAQ’s bonnet. The large display has an elegant glass design with ‘Simply Clever’ operation – logical and intuitive. All switches and functions are easily accessible with a self-explanatory layout. The seats are made of high quality materials, offering the driver and front passenger superior comfort.
The above-average space, which sets new standards in its class, is characteristic of ŠKODA: The developers of the KODIAQ have made the largest interior possible from the external dimensions of 4.70 meters in length and 1.88 meters in width. For the first time in a ŠKODA, the SUV is also available with seven seats. The model can react flexibly to various seating and cargo requirements thanks to longitudinally adjustable reclining seats.
With a volume of 720 to 2,065 l (with rear seats folded), the five-seater ŠKODA KODIAQ offers the largest boot in its class. Options such as the heated steering wheel ensure high comfort. The same is true of the more than 30 ‘Simply Clever’ solutions, such as the door edge protection, electric child safety locks and sleep headrests.

The second generation Hyundai i10, gets a makeover and is ready for it's Paris motor Show launch.

  • The evolution of Hyundai Motor’s second-generation i10 comes with young and modern design refinements
  • New i10 offers new advanced active safety and connectivity features usually only found in the segments above
  • Hyundai Motor’s refined A-segment car, designed, developed and produced in Europe, will debut live at the Paris Motor Show 2016

Hyundai Motor’s successful i10 has been enhanced with new advanced active safety and connectivity features from the segments above, as well as modern design refinements, including the new signature Cascading front grille.
“New i10 showcases strong build quality and our passion for detail, while also including many features from the segments above,” said Tony Whitehorn, President & CEO Hyundai Motor UK Ltd. “The impressive package has made the i10 one of the best-selling cars in its class and popular with customers across the UK - a success story that the New i10 is set to carry on.”

Refined design highlights and an enhanced ride
New i10 comes with many design refinements for a more emotionally appealing look, including the new Cascading front grille. It is characterised by its curved natural flowing line and will become the new family identity for Hyundai models in the future. New i10 will be the first Hyundai car on the road with this new signature design feature.
In the front, the New i10 features a new bumper design and new round LED daytime running lights, positioned at the edges of the new Cascading grille. On the rear, New i10 is also characterised by an evolved bumper design, including refined materials on the rear lights, a new black inlay as well as round rear fog lamps mirroring the new front design. Redesigned side mouldings with a new shape and size round off the fresh profile of New i10.
Moving to the interior, New i10 comes with a new shade of red cloth. Customers can now also choose from blue and black interior colours on all trims.
New i10 introduces a new design of 14-inch steel or alloy wheel. Enhancements in ride and handling created by a larger front bump stopper and modified steering gear ratio, round off New i10’s segment-leading package.
Like its predecessor, New i10 will come with the proven choice of two petrol engines, 1.0-litre and 1.25-litre, driving the front wheels through five-speed manual as standard or four-speed automatic gearboxes. The BlueDrive™ model, based on the 1.0-litre petrol variant, includes a number of features to reduce fuel consumption.
All good things come from above – great package of connectivity, convenience and active safety
The New i10 makes advanced technology available to more people than ever before. Responding to customer demand for single connectivity features, New i10 includes the latest connectivity features, all integrated into the new seven-inch touch screen navigation system. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto guarantee seamless integration, safe operation and mirrored functionality of mobile devices based on iOS or the Android operating system. In order to be up-to-date at any time, New i10’s navigation system comes with a seven-year free subscription to LIVE Services, offering real-time traffic conditions, local weather and points of interest as well as the position of speed cameras in countries where this is permitted by law. Customers do not even have to choose: New i10 is the only car in its class to offer Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and LIVE Services in a single infotainment system.*
*(Please note it will be available on the high trim only in UK).
In terms of safety, New i10 now comes with two advanced features to actively avoid accidents, both based on the new multi-functional camera: a Front Collision Warning System (FCWS) and a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) (optional on most trims). Using front camera sensors, FCWS alerts the driver acoustically and visually about collision dangers arising from other vehicles. Lane Departure Warning alerts the driver if unsafe movements are made while the car is driving over 60 km/h. The LDWS sounds an alarm before the car moves over lane markings.
On the convenience side, the New i10 scores with the tried and tested feature package of its predecessor: automatic air conditioning, heated steering wheel and front seat warmers, make it an ideal companion for every weather condition and every activity. Up to five people fit into the roomy interior and the segment-leading trunk volume of up to 252 litres offers generous stowage.
Made in Europe, for Europe – the i10 success story
Since its introduction back in 2008 the i10 has been a major success story for Hyundai Motor with around 670,000 units sold by July 2016. That makes it one of the best-selling cars in this segment in recent years.
The original i10 alone with its unique value for money offer achieved over half a million sales in seven years between 2008 and 2014. When the second-generation i10 was introduced in late 2013 the model truly became a European car – designed and developed at the Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center (HMETC) in Rüsselsheim, Germany, and manufactured at Hyundai Assan Otomotive Sanayi (HAOS) in ĺzmit, Turkey.
The second-generation i10 with its young, modern design and dynamic drivability has been more than capable of keeping up with its predecessor, with more than 220,000 units sold in only three years. The New i10 debuts live for the first time at the Paris Motor Show in early October 2016.