I will try my best to provide detailed info on various cars and what is like to live with them, I have already produced a few for Jaguar-car-forums, I will do my best to be unbiased, but it will be hard for some cars. I will re-produce press releases and copy from other motoring news.

Monday, 27 March 2017

TMW - I can see why this New Peugeot 3008 has achieved a car of the year win !!!!

In every brand there is one car that moves the goalposts and makes the others seem like "also rans" and here we have today, the All-New Peugeot 3008, a car that is truly one of the best cars thats for sale anywhere in the world, without exception everyone has stated that this is a brilliant car, and it is, but how good it is, is without question a top quality car.
From the design of the lighting to the interior, no amount of money has been spared to make this the car to own, and believe me, you would be more than happy having this on your driveway.

The car that we have here today is the 3008 Allure THP 165 EAT6, or in other words, a 1.6 litre with 165hp run through the auto gearbox,  the OTR of this car is £26,395, which is a really good price for the basic car, but this car is far from basic, as it has been specified with a number of the available cost options :-
  • Metallic Paint - £525
  • Electric Tailgate - £750
  • Opening Glass Sunroof - £990
  • Smartphone Charging Plate - £120
  • Visio Pack 2 - £450
  • Black Diamond Roof - £280
  • Adaptive Cruise Control - £400
  • Full LED Headlamps - £850

Does it look a £30k car, maybe not, but then the options are the users choice, so if you decide to take it to that level, thats for you to do, I know that if we were putting our money into this car, we would definitely pick some of those extra's.

The comfort on this car is second to none, you really feel like you are in an armchair, which on a long journey is a welcome relief, we took this car to Scotland during our time with it, and we both felt equally a refreshed after our journey as we did when we left, and combine this to the gadgets to play with onboard, we were very well kept amused.

The biggest and best gadget is the computerised i-Cockpit, on a normal car you have double dials in front of you, one for revs and one for mph, however on this one, you can change the dash so that you can have a multitude of versions, from navigation, revs, mph, car temp, car numbers, like mpg, average mpg, trip info and more, you can specify what side and what detail you require, personally, i have navigation on the left and car mp details on the right, and in the centre, well, thats set at mph.
The high roofline is not compromised by the opening glass roof, which runs the length of the car, in the contrary it made the car light and airy.

The fuel consumption of our car is quite good considering thats it is not the smallest of SUV's in the world, and now that the PSA group posts actual figures rather that laboratory achieved results, it makes for a more honest approach to the customer, so, our car we had has a claimed :-
  • Urban - 37.2mpg
  • Extra Urban - 55.4mpg
  • Combined - 47.1mpg

And yes this is achievable, we got into the mid 40's on our run up to the highlands, which considering the 1.6 litre engine, pulling along this large car is a great result.
Driving the car is a really nice experience, it goes where you want it to go, without any issues, the lane assist tells you if you are wandering too far off course, combine this to the "queue buster" which will slow the car down when getting near an obstacle in front and then pull away again back up to our set figure on the cruise control, and you get a decent driving car.

We were surprised at how small the tuning circle of this car is, it is like a Hackney Cab, put it on full lock and it seems to turn around on a sixpence, as the old saying goes, this is a big car that can return small car expenses, and today, this is very important.

Interior space is great, with the front two seats having the premium, all the swtichgear and touchscreen are near and handy, you dont need to stretch out to reach anything up front, the rear seats are also well appointed, with good comfortable seating, and again like the front, there is plenty of room for the biggest of rear passengers to get comfortable.

The boot, well, thats cavernous, the electric tailgate, works very well with the key fob, however the foot under the bumper only worked once during the entire week, which was a shame, but the space within is huge, and will take virtually all the luggage and shopping that you can throw at it.

The Peugeot 3008 has taken a large number of awards already, and the Car Of The Year title just goes to show that the company is on a roll, bringing new, great cars to market, however, this new car also shows how others including its own cars are now running far behind, the brand will, i am sure put that to rights, when all the new cars are launched.

As it stands this new car from Peugeot is one of teh best cars for sale today, and given the opportunity this car would be on my driveway more permanently, as it is a great easy car to live with.


This is one stunning car, does everything very well, and has loads of room, it is economical, quiet and very comfortable, the tech is really up to date, you never feel like the is left wanting for anything, it's easy to park, the allround camera system, is really precise.

Everyone can access the car with ease, it comes across as light and airy, especially with the glass roof, would i have one, damned right i would, and when we are ready to change, this car will be one that we seriously consider, the blog, has tested a large number of cars over the last year or so, and with that, we have an idea of many styles of car, from uber luxury, like the Rolls and Bentley, to cars at the other end of the scale, like the Vauxhall Viva, City cars to SUV's, MPV's and saloons, and this one is by far and away one of the best cars tested.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Kia UK has a great February with a 12.5% increase on February 2016.

  • 3243 new vehicles delivered to customers
  • Kia passes 10,000 units in first two months
  • Top three best sellers are Sportage, Rio and Picanto
  • Kia comes second place in the 2017 NFDA Dealer Attitude Survey
Kia hit another top score in February with 3,243 new vehicles delivered to the brand's ever-growing band of enthusiastic customers and reached 10,904 sales for the first two months of the year.
The February total eclipsed last year's performance of 2,889 - a 12.5 per cent increase and the two-month figure was up almost 38 per cent on the 7,955 vehicles sold in the same period in 2016.
The performance in February was led by Sportage with Rio and Picanto completing the marque's top three best-sellers. In the first two months of the year the same vehicles led Kia's charge with them accounting for 4395, 1399 and 1394 respectively.
Paul Philpott, President and Chief Executive of Kia Motors (UK) Limited said: "We are delighted that so many savvy British motorists recognise the style, reliability and value of Kia products and that they appreciate the excellent service provided by our 188 dealers. Together our customers and dealers have delivered our strongest ever start to a year and we are indebted to them for that.
"The market is likely to get tough after the VED changes in April, but with our all-new Rio already making an impact and with an all-new Picanto to come in May plus two other introductions in segments where we currently have no presence I am optimistic about hitting our target of 91,000 sales in 2017," he added.
This record result comes just as the National Franchised Dealers Association publish the NFDA Dealer Attitude survey results, in which Kia earned second place. When respondents were asked how would they rate their manufacturers overall, Kia earned an improved score of 9.3 out of ten, showing they have one of the highest rated relationships with franchised car dealers.

MINI Announces pricing and specification for the Countryman Plug In Hybrid.

  • MINI’s first plug-in hybrid model will launch in the UK on 24th June 2017
  • Prices start from £31,585 OTR
  • High-quality BMW Group eDrive components developed specifically for MINI Countryman
  • 3-cylinder petrol engine and electric motor combine to produce a total system output of 224 hp
  • 0-62 mph in 6.8 seconds
  • CO2 emissions of 49 g/km and average fuel consumption of 134.5 mpg
  • Electric driving at speeds of up to 78 mph with a range of up to 25 miles
  • MINI Satellite Navigation System, Bluetooth, Cruise Control, Emergency E-call, Active Guard and 6-speed Steptronic automatic transmission all as standard
The MINI brand’s first plug-in hybrid model will hit British roads in 2017 – the new all-rounder for town and country now offers the option of purely electric driving with zero tailpipe emissions.
Available to order from today, the new MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 will launch on 24th June 2017 and is priced from £31,585 OTR. On the road pricing does not include the government plug-in car grant.
The first plug-in hybrid model in the MINI product range offers sporty agility on the road as well as competency beyond the asphalt thanks to its intelligent all-wheel drive system. 
The MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 hybrid system is made up of a 3-cylinder petrol engine with MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology and a synchronous electric motor. Together they generate a system output of 165 kW/224 hp enabling the car to sprint from standing to 62mph in 6.8 seconds.
The power of the combustion engine is transmitted to the front wheels via a 6-speed Steptronic transmission, while the electric motor powers the rear wheels. The intelligently controlled interaction between the two power units creates an all-wheel drive system that optimises agility and stability on the road as well as providing supreme traction over snow and unsurfaced terrain.
In everyday traffic the intelligent drive control of the MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 makes for an intense hybrid driving experience. When setting off, only the electric motor is initially active meaning a virtually noiseless start. 
As is typical of electric motors, the entire torque is available from standing. Once a driving speed of 50mph is reached, the combustion engine is gently activated. The eDRIVE toggle switch enables the driver to continue to drive with only the electric engine beyond this point if preferred: in MAX eDRIVE mode the MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 runs at up to 78mph free of local emissions. The electric range of the first MINI plug-in hybrid model is 25 miles.
The energy required for this is stored in a high-voltage lithium-ion battery. It can be charged at a conventional household socket or, for increased power input and reduced waiting times, at a wallbox or public charging station. Charging takes between 2:15 and 3:15 hours.
The efficiency and pulling power of the electric motor, its cleverly controlled interaction with the combustion engine and the premium quality and reliability of all components of the hybrid system is the result of the BMW Group’s eDrive technology. The high-voltage battery comes with a warranty which lasts for six years or 60,000 miles.
The MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 combines its progressive drive system with the versatile space concept and hallmark brand style of the latest MINI model range. The battery is housed underneath the rear seat and flat load boot floor, minimising drawbacks to boot space and leg room. The luggage compartment volume of the hybrid model is 405 litres, which can be extended to as much as 1 275 litres with the rear backrests folded down.
The new MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 comes with a range of high quality standard equipment. This includes the MINI’s acclaimed Satellite Navigation System, Bluetooth, Cruise Control, Emergency E-call and Active Guard among other features. 6-speed Steptronic automatic transmission, the MINI Driving Modes and three spoke sports steering wheel are also offered as standard.
In addition to model-specific design elements such as the “E” emblem on the radiator grille and side scuttles as well as door sill finishers with a yellow “S” logo, the 17-inch light alloy wheels in Light Spoke design are another distinguishing feature exclusive to the model. Inside, hybrid-specific displays and the eDRIVE toggle switch indicate the distinctive character of the MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4.

INFINITI achieved a February sales record of 20,114 vehicles sold around the world.

  • INFINITI achieved a February sales record of 20,114 vehicles sold
  • All-time sales record February year-to-date with 38,961 vehicles (+21% year-on-year) globally.
  • INFINITI expands its global presence into New Zealand.
  • Announcing new Q50 at next week’s Geneva Motor Show.
INFINITI had the best February sales month in its history with 20,114 vehicles sold globally, a 21% increase versus the same month last year. This follows last month’s record January sales. The USA, Mexico, Western Europe, China and Australia all achieved their best February sales month as well.
Roland Krueger, President of INFINITI Motor Company said, “Following record sales in 2016 of more than 231,000 vehicles, it is gratifying to see that customers around the world continue to appreciate the design, performance and quality they expect from INFINITI.
Our momentum is of course led by new products, with the QX30 and Q60 now on sale in key global markets. In addition, we are pleased to announce our expansion into New Zealand this year. 
The momentum continues next week when we unveil the new Q50 in Geneva.  The Q50 is our best-selling vehicle globally and was the first production vehicle in the world to come with steer-by-wire, or Direct Adaptive Steering, a prerequisite for autonomous drive functions.”
INFINITI achieved all-time record February year-to-date in 6 markets and Importers across all regions.
  • In the United States, INFINITI sold 25,295 vehicles February year-to-date, marking a 34% increase versus previous year.
  • In Western Europe, sales increased by +16% versus last year, with 2,437 units sold February year-to-date.
  • In China, INFINITI has a February record sales of 2,401 (+8% YOY), contributing to a total of February year-to-date of 5,991 vehicles sold, a 3% increase versus same period last year.
  • In Asia and Oceania, INFINITI continues its strong growth with a February year-to-date sales record of 1,028 units. Australia alone has reached a sales record of 119 units (+138% against February last year). Taiwan continued their all-time record with February year-to-date sales of 477 units, a 109% growth against same period last year.

Dacia Duster Commercial 4x4 wins ‘Best 4x4 Car-derived Van’ for the second consecutive year

  • Dacia Duster Commercial 4x4 wins ‘Best 4x4 Car-derived Van’ for the second consecutive year
  • Robust commercial SUV praised for its grip, ruggedness and affordability
  • Priced from £10,095 (excl. VAT) – Duster is the most affordable new commercial SUV in the UK
The Dacia Duster Commercial 4x4 has been named ‘Best 4x4 Car-derived Van’ for the second consecutive year at the VansA2Z Awards 2017, held yesterday at Twickenham Stadium.
Based on the popular Dacia Duster compact SUV, and launched at the Commercial Vehicle Show 2015, the Duster Duster Commercial 4x4 was praised by judges for its off-road capability, driving style and value for money. 
The Duster Commercial offers the perfect package for many tradesmen – based on the passenger car version of the vehicle yet with a 1,604-litre maximum load capacity and cost benefits thanks to its classification as an LCV.
Neil McIntee, Editor, VansA2Z.com, said: “Dacia has made an excellent return to the UK light commercial market and the 4x4 version of its Duster Commercial is so good we had to make it our 4x4 Car-derived Van of the Year for the second consecutive time. It feels well put together with on-road ride and handling that far exceed expectations, and is much more capable off-road than it appears on paper; all at a very appealing price point.”
Louise O’Sullivan, Head of Dacia UK said: “We’re very proud to see the Duster Commercial 4x4 adding another trophy to its collection. The Duster Commercial 4x4 applies the Dacia philosophy to LCVs – providing a no-nonsense solution to businesses looking for an affordable and reliable vehicle that’s also capable of heading off-road when needed.”
The Dacia Duster Commercial 4x4 has a flat load area in lieu of rear seats and a payload of 550kg. Available in two different trim levels – Ambiance and Lauréate – the Duster Commercial 4x4 receives Bluetooth connectivity, electric front windows and a heated rear screen even on entry-level versions. The Lauréate version adds features such as cruise control, leather steering wheel, alloy wheels, air conditioning and electric heated door mirrors. 
The Duster Commercial is offered with one business-oriented diesel engine – the dCi 110 unit, the best-selling Groupe Renault diesel powertrain, either as a 4x2 or a robust, go-anywhere 4x4. The 4x2 dCi 110 returns up to 64.2mpg (NEDC Combined), with CO2 emissions as low as 115 g/km and is available from £10,095 (excluding VAT) for the Ambiance entry-level trim.  
Meanwhile, the 4x4 dCi 110 returns up to 60.1mpg (NEDC Combined), with CO2 emissions as low as 123 g/km and is available from £11,795 (excluding VAT) for the Ambiance trim.
Dacia offers a comprehensive selection of low-priced option packs to help owners secure payloads and protect their vehicle during a life of hard work. 
There is a choice of steel or mesh bulkheads between the passenger and cargo areas; privacy film for the tailgate window and mudguards.
The VansA2Z Awards are decided by the expert editorial team at the independent commercial vehicle website VansA2Z.com. VansA2Z provides essential information for anyone looking to buy and kit-out a light commercial vehicle. 
The VansA2Z Awards seek to reward the best products, companies and services in the industry for their ability to make life easier, cleaner, safer and more efficient for light commercial vehicle operators in the UK.